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Welcome to Redatronic

Our company has managed to achieve a professional  approach of the IT&C infrastructure and the Automations market segment.

From passion to business, a family company

The passion for electronics has captivated me ever since high school. Later, I was happy  to work and develop my skills in a computer lab,  repairing old time computers: very big machines, with huge data collecting terminal and magnetic storage tapes…


Case study Thermal group automation

The heating installation of the building is served by multiple generators – heating pump, gas boiler, wood boiler and solar panes. The recipients of this system are the surfaces – floor and ceiling heating and cooling, radiators for side spaces and the heating switches for the pool.


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Client reviews

I reached out to Redatronic for the heating installations, water and sewage installations and the electrical installations – lights, sound and automations in my home. All projects have been done at the highest proficiency rate, with the best materials and very quickly. With them, I always found the best solutions for my whishes (some of them maybe exaggerated), which have been fulfilled adequately.

I can only say this about them: they are professionals!

Radu Capîlnă

Many years have passed since we decided to work with Redatronic in different areas: IT&C, automations and security. We made a good choice! The good timing and service quality have never let me down.

Remus Bența, DAW Benta Romania SRL

Redatronic is a true partner, characterized by good timing, professionalism, trust and quality. We have completed in the past years together with Redatronic many complex projects: heating, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and telecommunication installations. From my experience, Redatronic is the only firm in the city, which has the qualification, precision and the right people for planning and executing special solutions according to the clients specifications and who document their work in the German stile.

Philip v. Stromberg, SAIP Automation SRL

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