Data recovery

If it is worth doing something, do it well!… This is our motto.


24 years of experience allow us to say that we KNOW HOW TO RECOVER DATA!


Free diagnosis for any kind of HDD. Don’t improvise, call a specialist!


We advise you to frequently save your data, but if you didn’t, bring or send your HDD/ card/ phone to us.


We offer free diagnosis in less than 24 hours!
We recover data from any kind of IDE, SCSI or SATA hard disks, RAID 0, 5, 6, 10 corrupted systems, SSD, stick/ card, CD/ DVD, phones etc.


We will charge for our services only if we manage to successfully recover the data from your device. The prices are between 80 EUR and 600 EUR.


If the data is important, don’t improvise, call a specialist! Contact us!