IT&C Services


Software services:

  • Windows and Linux Server installation and configuration (files, e-mail, domain controller, webhosting, backup);
  • Controlled access on the internet with automated and manual redundancy;
  • Security configurations for computer networks: static and dynamic router, bidirectional firewall, proxy server, DHCP server with dynamic and static allocation, internal and external DNS server;
  • Antivirus traffic scanning, detection and attack alert;
  • Backup solution configurations: storage, sinology, automated savings;
  • Maintenance and administration: updates for the working station and for the servers, functionality and data saving integrity verifications.


Hardware services

  • Reparations: PC, laptops, servers, UPS, monitors/displays;
  • Free diagnosis and revision if the reparations are done by us;
  • 10% discount for the spare parts used for the repaired equipment;
  • Quick answer time.


Services at the client’s location on demand:

  • Going to the client’s location;
  • Diagnosis and solving the reported incident;
  • If the equipment cannot be repaired and if the client is willing, we can transport it to our laboratory; we create the repairing cost estimation and if accepted by the client we proceed with the work; at the end the equipment will be returned to the client;
  • The guarantee for the spare parts is given according to the ongoing law;
  • 10% discount for the spare parts used for the repaired equipment.


Services at the client’s location with maintenance contract: ask for an offer!



Services price list:


PC, Laptops

  • PC or laptop defect diagnosis – 50 lei
  • Diagnosis, internal revision, reparation through spare parts replacement (other than mainboard or HDD) – 125 lei
  • Diagnosis, internal revision, reparation through mainboard or HDD replacement – 168 lei
  • Diagnosis, repairing through software intervention (operating system repairing or reconfiguration, drivers’ installation, BIOS rewriting etc.) – 168 lei
  • Diagnosis, repairing through software intervention (HDD partitioning or formatting, data saving, data transfer, HDD cloning etc.) – 200 lei
  • Virus scanning, cleaning (if still possible), free or licensed anti-virus installation or actualization – 150 lei
  • Data recovery from broken HDD – the price varies according to the model, capacity and the time needed between 370 and 2500 lei
  • Manual labor for one component: power supply, memory, optical unit, processor cooler, sound board, video board, processor – 50 lei
  • Manual labor for assembling, installation and configuration of: mainboard and/or HDD – 200 lei


Monitor, Router, UPS


  • Monitor defect diagnosis – 50 lei
  • Manual labor for diagnosis and monitor reparation – 120 lei
  • Manual labor for router configuration, user instruction – 125 lei
  • Manual labor for UPS diagnosis and reparation – 125 lei



  • Server Installation and configuration (Windows, Linux, E-mail, files, database) – 350-2500 lei
  • Tests for hardware and software server defect diagnosis – 350-650 lei
  • Server reparation – defect diagnosis, defect part identification, HDD replacement and assembling, wrong functioning of software services identification, security check, RAID restoration, controller domain restoration, rights configuration etc. – 750-2500 lei


*Prices are given in LEI and do not include VAT.

*Diagnosis is FREE, only if the client wants us to repair the equipment and accepts the service costs for the repair.

*We offer up to 10% DISCOUNT for the needed spare parts if we repair the equipment.


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